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Why a Good Web Design is Important for Your Business

Why a Good Web Design is Important for Your Business : Have you ever heard the phrase “First impression is the last impression”. If you have heard it than you will realize the value of your website design or application design.

Whenever any person visits your website, first thing they check is “Your website design”. If your website design is bad, people will skip your website.

If your website has catchy look, they will explore more and more. They will get to know about your business much more.

Good web design is always important.

In this post i will talk about why it is important.

Why Good Web Design is Important

1.) Impactful  First Impression

If your website looks in fashion, has bright and beautiful colors,  well organized, awesome animation, it looks amazing  and welcoming to visitors. They stays longer in your website. 

But if your website is dark along with outdated graphics and extremely confusing navigation, people will not stay in your website. They will try to avoid the website.

Customers will visit your website to know about your business.

So, If you don’t have good web design, confusing navigation, unprofessional-looking page with no design consideration.

You will find very difficult to convince your customers. So good design is very important.

Always remember a beautiful girl with little make up attracts lots of boys. For impactful impression Gosnippets helps you to build amazing design.

Look at these css, bootstrap snippets, Login snippets.

2.) Usability

Research shows that “more than 80% of your website visitors want to see product or service information, more than 60% look for contact information, and more than 50% seek an About page for your business”.

Design your website in such a way that these things are as easy to find.

Otherwise, you’ll frustrate your users or even potential users and may drive them away.

Use your primary services in your main navigation, put your phone number and email address in upper right side corner of your website.

About us page, contact us page must be on main navigation, so that people can easily visit these page.

Whenever people are on trouble, they look at contact us page. Contact us page must be on the top and also on the footer.

You must design your contact us page in such a way that u include everything that a customer need.

3.) Think about your rivals

Think about your rivals, they are already using best web design possible. So, you must add good design in your website.

when you are competing with others, generally you all have same services and almost similar price.

Think about, you provide cheap hosting service. Your rivals are also doing the same.

A good design will definitely help you to cope with these situation.  Your design must be unique.

Your best services must be on the top of your website. When people opens your website, they should see, your best product first.

You can visually show your audience why they should choose your business over others.


4.) Good web design must have fast Loading Speed

You website will load fast if it is well designed site. It must load quickly.

A well design website will load quickly in all type of devices. It does not matter, if your website runs on computer or tablet.

No body likes slower loading website. They will opt out of your website if your website is very slow.

You must check your site’s speed in mobile, they leave easily if your site’s page take significant amount of time to load.

Think about yourself, what will you do, if any website takes longer ? leave or stay ?

5.) Good web design will Reduce Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is percentage of users who visit a website but leaves a website  after checking out just one page.

A well-designed website with a fast loading speed means that users will interact with your website longer. It will definitely lower your website’s bounce rate.

If any user spent more time on your website, they will 100% open other page of your website.

They will get to know about your website more.

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6.) Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)

What is SEO friendly design?

SEO friendly web design is a way of designing and developing website to make them search-engine friendly.

Making a SEO-friendly website means that Google, Bing, Yahoo and  other search engines can crawl each and every page on your website efficiently.

Create a link that can be crawled easily on your website.

your website must have internal link structure, navigation that will help search engine to crawl your website.

It must have consistent look all over your website.  People love mobile friendly website, so does other search engines.

SEO is important to any business operating online.


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