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How To Become Front End Developer

How To Become Front End Developer : Every website has two part, one you see, the front part and second you don’t see, the backend part.

Front part of the website is all abut designing, animation, layout, styling and backend part of website is all about database and storage of all the data.

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How To Become Front End Developer


First thing you need to do to become front end developer is learn HTML, CSS, Javascript. If you want to make any website in the world you need HTML, CSS and Javascript.

CSS will help you to make layout, designs of buttons, login designs, register button designs, comment form design, make gallery. CSS will help you to make awesome layout.


Javascript is the most popular programming language in the world. It helps to make Beautiful Animation, Games, Pop up bottons, beautiful pop up login button and many more.

HTML and CSS gives a website a structure and style but Javascript gives web pages an interactive elements that helps to engage users.

Refreshing twitter feed is the best example of Javascript.

Playing video on any website when you open but when you scroll that video goes to the bottom. This is the best example of JS.

Javascript adds a behavior to web pages.

After learning these technologies you will become front end developer. But if you want to become the best, you need to save time, So you need framework.

Framework helps to save lot of time and do lots of work for you.


Best Framework for Front End Development

Javascript has many libraries that will help you to design interactive web pages more efficiently. You just need basic to moderate knowledge of Jasvascript to work on these libraries .

These are very fast, reliable.

Javascript has bunch of libraries that will help you to make awesome website design.

Popular Javascript library : React, Jquery, vue.js, Angular

Same with CSS, CSS has also many frameworks but the best framework for CSS is Bootstrap. You don’t need to write code for each and every style you do on web page.

You just have to call a class. All the dirty work will be done by Bootstrap.

CSS Framework : Bootstrap


How to become best front end developer ?

1.) practice, practice and practice

If you want to become best front end developer, first thing you need to do is to practice, practice and practice. Without practice you can’t do anything. so practice hard every day for at least 1-2 hour.

2.) Watch other’s code.

If you will see other’s code, you will learn a lot. Gosnippets is a place where you will find lots of code for front end development.

you can see admin’s beautiful written code as well as other’s code. You will find beautiful gradient colors button , login codes and many more.

3.) Make Projects

Make front end development projects such as Admin panel, E-commerce website, Social Media website . Try to build more and more . You will become perfect in 4-5 months.

4.) Make Javascript Games

You can make lots of games using Javascript. You can make dinosaur game. Open Google chrome whenever internet is off, you will find Dinosaur game.

You can try making tic-tac-toe, 2048, snakes.


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